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  • Ryoji Ikeda

    Ryoji Ikeda

    Japanese multi-artist Ryoji Ikeda not only creates installations for exhibitions around the world but he is also a composer touring with a special audio-visual performance featuring live graphics. The concert depicted below was quite an introvert experience as the artist was standing well disguised under his cap in darkness before a simple setup with a…

  • Lightroom



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    Exhibition space in the art campus north of King’s Cross. Lightroom is an immersive cinema with four very tall walls of app 8 metres high and 20 metres wide. 20 projectors in the ceiling are covering walls and floor. Projections are bright, hi-res and super crisp so imagewise Lightroom is a true pearl. The shows…

  • Outernet



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    Open building next to Tottenham Court Road Station with 3 installations at street level including large LED screens at walls and ceiling. The only immersive experience in London covered by this blog that uses LED walls instead of projectors. The largest hall next to the station features very fine graphic animations with a lot of…

  • Echoes of the Earth: Living Archive

    Echoes of the Earth: Living Archive


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    Refik Anadol created this custom immersive installation for the Serpentine North Gallery in Hyde Park London. The gallery is a square building with a long hallway around two central halls. A very wide projection screen covered three walls of the hallway, but unfortunately not as one canvas which would require a very high horizontal resolution.…

  • Van Gogh

    Van Gogh

    Van Gogh Exhibit in London: The Immersive Experience is another contribution to the rather tasteless trend where old painters go immersive. It seems to be a commercially viable concept to present the fake if you can’t get the real thing. The concept is designed for mass production so it is currently possible to see replicas…

  • Frameless



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    Frameless is four galleries with immersive AV-installations in a former cinema in Marble Arch, London near Hyde Park. Content is primarily created as animations of paintings from famous artists. Especially one of the galleries did technically stand out as projections were covering all surfaces inside a large cube. That was achieved by sticking out periscope…

  • Delight



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    South Korean exhibition installed in London. 12 installations, most of them with projections – up to four projectors per artwork. Unique na├»ve picture language which seems quite exotic in this hemisphere. Looks like the installation is a commercial window to Seoul encouraging spectators to go there. This is fine however as the artworks have their…

  • The Refusal of Time

    The Refusal of Time

    A multi facetted art installation by William Kentridge This outstanding immersive installation is currently on display at the Louisiana Museum north of Copenhagen. It is a truly original work featuring many components such as music, film, graphics and immersive sound. The video is covering 5 screens connected as one large canvas that supports movements across…

  • Copenhagen Light Festival

    Copenhagen Light Festival

    The Copenhagen Light Festival 2024 featured around 70 artworks placed at different locations around the city. Beside traditional light some works also used videoprojections as a light source and some works even had a sound track which light effects were programmed to. Here are some selected installations from the event: The festival had a helpful…

  • Dark Matter

    Dark Matter


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    Dark Matter is a venue in Berlin especially built by WHITEvoid studios comprising 7 installations – all using different technology creating immersive sound and light experiences. Some of the installations also features kinetic (crane) technology in order to move objects and light sources synchronized to the sound track. In all the studios also demonstrate their…

  • khroma



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    khroma l new media art center in Berlin is a center for digital art, providing a creative and innovative space for artists and art enthusiasts. The venue features works from around 12 different artists, all using primarily visual technology in the installations that ranging from a traditional immersive AV-hall to hightech specialized objects. This is…

  • Dali : Cybernetics

    Dali : Cybernetics

    “Dali : Cybernetics The Immersive Experience” is a mixed exhibition touring major cities and tells a story around Dali’s surrealistic and very eccentric universe. On display are classical posters, touch screens, a small cinema with a 4:3 b/w biopic, a large audio-visual installation and finally a VR-experience. The immersive audio-visual installation is a room (app…

  • Aftershock


    Thanks to its generous space, Copenhagen Contemporary can host very large installations and dedicate a hall for each piece of art. In 2023 the light installation Aftershock by James Turrell was captivating. It used only light changes and subtle sounds for dragging the spectators in to a fascinating universe. Looking forward to see Turrell’s next…

  • Casa Battlo

    Casa Battlo

    Casa Battlo, One of Gaudi’s finest buildings in Barcelona, hosts exceptional audio visual experiences in the basement. At the time of visit it was Turkish artist Refik Anadol and his 360 degree AI-generated immersive graphics displayed on LED-panels at alle surfaces (Floor, ceiling and walls) Another immersive installation at Casa Battlo was in the basement…

  • Kusama installation

    Kusama installation

    Yayoi Kusama’s installation “Gleaming Lights of the Souls” is a permanent attraction at the Louisiana Museum north of Copenhagen since 2014. The art piece consists of colour changing LED-bulbs hanging in a room where walls and ceiling are covered with mirrors. The floor is a water basin giving a true immersive experience in 3 dimensions.…

  • National Museum of Singapore

    National Museum of Singapore

    The National Museum of Singapore had a small but very nice projection mapping experience in 2018. Another experience was a fine installation with projection overlap and also a dome projection. Examples are shown in this playlist

  • Tony Oursler

    Tony Oursler

    Tony Oursler’s installation at AROS Exhibition Center, Aarhus, Denmark 2012. He is probably one of the best video artists today and the exhibition once again demonstrated his excellent sense for combining creative ideas with technical installations.