The Refusal of Time

A multi facetted art installation by William Kentridge

This outstanding immersive installation is currently on display at the Louisiana Museum north of Copenhagen. It is a truly original work featuring many components such as music, film, graphics and immersive sound.

The video is covering 5 screens connected as one large canvas that supports movements across the whole surface. This is creatively utilized in several sequences in the 28 minutes long video that has many surprising variations with timelapse, handmade graphics, stop motion and references to old silent movies.

The 8-channel sound track has 4 speaker channel covering corners of the room and another 4 channels distributed to megaphones on tripods at the floor. Parts of the track is composed music that has its own original African flavour which is a fantastic support to the images.

At the center of the floor, the artist has placed a large moving installation resembling a bellows built in wood.

All in all The Refusal of Time is a stunning art piece that is worth seeing more than one time as it uncovers very many details that are constantly expanding the expression of this immersive and very original installation.