Category: Touring

  • Ryoji Ikeda

    Ryoji Ikeda

    Japanese multi-artist Ryoji Ikeda not only creates installations for exhibitions around the world but he is also a composer touring with a special audio-visual performance featuring live graphics. The concert depicted below was quite an introvert experience as the artist was standing well disguised under his cap in darkness before a simple setup with a…

  • WhoMadeWho


    The band WhoMadeWho has added sophisticated visual support for concerts at larger venues at their 2024 tour. The new set design is created by the international renowned architectural company BIG and the artwork and animations come from Berlin based flora&faunavisions who have also contributed to other works described in this blog. Visuals are projected on…

  • Van Gogh

    Van Gogh

    Van Gogh Exhibit in London: The Immersive Experience is another contribution to the rather tasteless trend where old painters go immersive. It seems to be a commercially viable concept to present the fake if you can’t get the real thing. The concept is designed for mass production so it is currently possible to see replicas…

  • Dali : Cybernetics

    Dali : Cybernetics

    “Dali : Cybernetics The Immersive Experience” is a mixed exhibition touring major cities and tells a story around Dali’s surrealistic and very eccentric universe. On display are classical posters, touch screens, a small cinema with a 4:3 b/w biopic, a large audio-visual installation and finally a VR-experience. The immersive audio-visual installation is a room (app…

  • Peter Gabriel

    Peter Gabriel

    PG’s 2023 show included amazing visuals which has been one of his trademarks since the early Genesis days where a large backdrop was illuminated by conventional slide projectors. Today the scenography consists of moving LED-panels and video projectors – all programmed and controlled from a Disguise system so movements of the LED screens are in…

  • The Climate Planet Experience

    The Climate Planet Experience

    The Climate Planet Experience was a traveling globe, funded by Climate Planet Foundation. During 2017-2018 the globe took 145,000 people on a unique educational journey to convey the urgency of individual, collective and political action on climate change. By inviting audiences inside a 20 meter, 5-story globe, the Climate Planet Experience engaged its visitors in…

  • Tony Oursler

    Tony Oursler

    Tony Oursler’s installation at AROS Exhibition Center, Aarhus, Denmark 2012. He is probably one of the best video artists today and the exhibition once again demonstrated his excellent sense for combining creative ideas with technical installations.