Dali : Cybernetics

“Dali : Cybernetics The Immersive Experience” is a mixed exhibition touring major cities and tells a story around Dali’s surrealistic and very eccentric universe. On display are classical posters, touch screens, a small cinema with a 4:3 b/w biopic, a large audio-visual installation and finally a VR-experience.

The immersive audio-visual installation is a room (app 15x20x4 meters) with projections on walls and floor. The ceiling is open where 16 projectors are hanging in a rig: 8 covering the floor and 2 per wall. Unfortunately the projectors produces a high background noise which is disturbing the sound track.

For the visuals only a fraction of the production is truly immersive as too much content is created for single walls/floor only resulting in graphical clashes in the corners. Some content is spread on a canvas covering two walls and for the small parts where the canvas is covering all four wall the animations are not circular (they stop and start in one of the corners). A part of the reel contains 3D-effects demanding the audience to wear the coloured glasses handed out when entering. However the 3D-effects are not very impressive and the show could easily live without them.

A great effort has been made however collecting and animating Dali’s artwork so the presentation gives a good insight in his visual language.

From here you could walk on to the VR-part which was a 10 minutes true 360 degree experience traveling on a ship surrounded by a lot of amazing effects.

Conclusion: The setup is one of the contributions to a trend with similar events created over artworks from other famous painters as Van Gogh and Monet. From a artistic standpoint the experience does not reach the same heights as seeing the real artworks on display at a museum. A greater effort should have been made creating a true 360 degree experience in an environment without disturbing background noise in order to reach a high level of immersive experience.