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Exhibition space in the art campus north of King’s Cross. Lightroom is an immersive cinema with four very tall walls of app 8 metres high and 20 metres wide. 20 projectors in the ceiling are covering walls and floor. Projections are bright, hi-res and super crisp so imagewise Lightroom is a true pearl.

The shows are changing on a 4 month basis. At the time of visit it featured a 50 min show about the story and exploration of the moon from the sixties to expeditions in the near future. 

Original film footage was supported by graphic animations in order to widen the story for all surfaces. The animations and graphics were of an outstanding quality and the artwork of a class of its own. Sometimes the image language could resemble the good old multi image days in terms of layout and illustrations which fitted very well with the historic footage.

The details, lineup and sharpness was impressive outperforming all other immersive installations in London so looking forward to the next show at Lightroom. 

Images and graphics 

Really none.
Maybe a more groundbreaking display format could do for the next update of Lightroom?