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Frameless is four galleries with immersive AV-installations in a former cinema in Marble Arch, London near Hyde Park. Content is primarily created as animations of paintings from famous artists.

Especially one of the galleries did technically stand out as projections were covering all surfaces inside a large cube. That was achieved by sticking out periscope lenses through the screen where necessary. As a plus, animations were also created, not only in 360 deg but in full space with no edges and impressive effects – a true “Frameless” experience so to speak. However the graphics could be more natural and crisp.

The three other installations were simpler but still used advanced setups with some variations. One used semi transparent screens standing in the room with projections from all sides achieving an experience in multiple layers.
The last two installations utilised a conventional 5 screen layout (four walls and floor). One of them has mirrors at the ceiling as well as along walls at the floor. The last installation had a more traditional immersive layout with open ceiling and projections at walls and floor.

High technical level.
Expensive and advanced installation.
True sphere animations in one gallery.

Overpriced. GBP 33 is far too much for 4 installations.
Place was overcrowded and the kindergarteners had their fair share.
The creative level wasn’t matching the price.

Panasonic projectors throughout all galleries. A travelling version of one of the galleries was also on display at the Panasonic booth at ISE23.