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Refik Anadol created this custom immersive installation for the Serpentine North Gallery in Hyde Park London. The gallery is a square building with a long hallway around two central halls.

A very wide projection screen covered three walls of the hallway, but unfortunately not as one canvas which would require a very high horizontal resolution. Instead content has been created for separate screens in more human resolutions. The graphics included nice animations and AI generated renderings based on data from over 16 rainforest locations. Other works were featured in the two central halls where one had a large screen in the ceiling.

Anadol once again proved that he is deeply involved with AI and explores the creative possibilities with the technology but the outcome often is very noisy and impersonal. The installation in Hyde Park underlined this impression but some of the underwater sequences were actually at a more comfortable pace this time making it one of Anadols better works and definitely worth a visit. A big plus is also to experience an art installation created especially for a specific venue.

Good creative work with a lot of variations
Very well integrated in building
Free entry

Not single canvas

Epson projectors